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Kellyanne Conway Points To 'Deporter In Chief' Obama In Defense Of ICE Raids News

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Trump officials point to 'deporter in chief' Obama amid furor over immigration raids
White House counselor Kellyanne ... the law,” Mrs. Conway said on “Fox News Sunday.” “It’s a tautological definition of their duties. And this, of course, happened under President Obama. He was ...

Published: Jul 14, 2019 @ 04:08:00 PM
Source: Washington Times

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Published: Jul 20, 2019 @ 07:44 AM
Source: Tierra Host

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Kellyanne Conway points to 'Deporter in Chief' Obama in defense of ICE raids
While the Trump administration is taking heat from Democrats as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) begins deportation operations across the country, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway ...

Published: Jul 14, 2019 @ 03:53:00 AM
Source: FOX News on MSN.com

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Kellyanne Conway: Congress needs to 'stop denying' border crisis and act
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told Fox & Friends Tuesday that Congress should “stop denying what you see in front of you” regarding the crisis at the border -- and do something. Citing ...

Published: Apr 10, 2019 @ 04:59:00 AM
Source: Fox News

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Kellyanne Conway vs. Cuomo on McCabe: "He's A Known Liar And Leaker," Why Are We Talking About It?
His chief defender is here to make the case. Senior adviser to the president, Kellyanne Conway, welcome back to PRIME TIME ... responsibility and the inspector general people, an Obama appointee at ...

Published: Feb 18, 2019 @ 11:00:00 AM
Source: RealClearPolitics

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Kellyanne Conway won’t say if generals OK with trans military ban
As the Pentagon continues to allow transgender people to serve despite President Trump’s announcement he’ll ban them from the U.S. military, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway ... When asked point ...

Published: Aug 06, 2017 @ 09:52:00 AM
Source: Washington Blade

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Kellyanne Conway's White House leaking is 'the worst-kept secret in town' says former aide
Former White House aide Cliff Sims on Monday claimed Kellyanne Conway's leaking about ... in consultation with her husband, George Conway.' George Conway, however, disputed his role in his wife's ...

Published: Jan 28, 2019 @ 03:16:00 AM
Source: dailymail.co.uk

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Kellyanne Conway prods Mueller over Dem donors on team
White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway suggested Monday that the ... So far, this includes Andrew Weissmann, chief of the DOJ criminal division’s fraud section who also donated $2,300 to Barack Obama ...

Published: Jun 19, 2017 @ 03:07:00 AM
Source: Fox News

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Donald Trump taps Kellyanne Conway to be counselor to president
Donald Trump has named Kellyanne Conway counselor ... feud Michelle Obama, Bob Iger and several Disney co-stars reacted to Boyce's death on social media The handheld-only model comes with a few less ...

Published: Dec 21, 2016 @ 10:58:00 PM
Source: CBS News

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Trump is setting up the government in a way that promises chaos
His White House is filled with campaign loyalists such as chief strategist Steve Bannon, counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, and National Security ... viral thanks to the power of shitposting ...

Published: Jan 20, 2017 @ 12:43:00 AM
Source: Vox

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‘Game-changing’ F-35 aircraft makes first touchdown in Israel
The image of Netanyahu is modeled off US President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign poster, but instead of Hope the message is Rope. Moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a “big priority” ...

Published: Dec 12, 2016 @ 12:05:00 AM
Source: The Times of Israel

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Trump signs order ending his policy of separating families at the border, but reprieve may be temporary
Many aides, though, including Ivanka Trump and Kellyanne Conway ... the same place the Obama administration was in during a similar spike of families at the border in 2014, with no place to house them ...

Published: Jun 19, 2018 @ 01:00:00 PM
Source: The Washington Post

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Kellyanne Conway and her husband George's public feud over Trump
Earlier this month, Trump's son Eric came out in defense of Kellyanne Conway and tweeted a condemnation of her husband. 'Of all the ugliness in politics, the utter disrespect George Conway shows ...

Published: Dec 10, 2018 @ 12:42:00 PM
Source: dailymail.co.uk

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