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Tucker Carlson: Democrats Will Lose To Trump If They Don't Figure Out What They Stand For News

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Tucker Carlson: Democrats will lose to Trump if they don't figure out what they stand for
Imagine how it must feel to be Beto O’Rourke. You’re out there running hard for president every day, or at least vice president. You’re giving speeches about how children are our future, and how today ...

Published: Apr 17, 2019 @ 05:39:00 AM
Source: Fox News

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Tucker Carlson blasts the liberal mob for reporting his comments
Like trustees in a prison, they dutifully report back to the warden, hoping for perks. Nobody wants to be called names. Nobody wants to be Trump. How many times have you seen it happen? Some ...

Published: Mar 11, 2019 @ 01:31:00 PM
Source: dailymail.co.uk

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Brazile Full Interview With Tucker Carlson: Critics Who Can't Stomach My Book Can Go Write Their Own
BRAZILE: You know, Tucker, I don't really have time to figure out ... They know that I stand behind them. They are up at Harvard, they’re at Georgetown, and I want them to know that I am still the ...

Published: Nov 08, 2017 @ 04:23:00 PM
Source: RealClearPolitics

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Tucker Carlson Is Sorry for Being Mean
Anti-Trump Republicans rarely fare better. In July, Carlson had on Max Boot, a foreign-policy expert who has been critical of Trump’s submissive stance toward Russia. They sparred ... the title ...

Published: Sep 19, 2017 @ 01:02:00 AM
Source: GQ

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Here’s Why Andrew Yang’s Alt-Right Supporters Think He’s the 2020 Candidate for White Nationalists
In a video on Yang, Fuentes, a white nationalist online media figure, said that Trump ... “They reflect progressive policies up and down. No one has to guess what I stand for.” “I’ve already disavowed ...

Published: Apr 09, 2019 @ 11:06:00 PM
Source: Mother Jones

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Tucker Carlson: Someday, the AOC moment will pass and Dems will rejoin adult conversations about immigration
If you don't ... out of 50 states. It's enough to change this country completely and forever. Do all of them get citizenship and voting rights? What about gun rights? And do they immediately start ...

Published: Apr 05, 2019 @ 12:32:00 AM
Source: Fox News

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Published: Apr 22, 2019 @ 08:41 AM
Source: Tierra Hosting

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What I’ve Learned From Collecting Stories of People Whose Loved Ones Were Transformed by Fox News
I don’t have an empirical way to assign blame or figure out causality ... that their Trump-kissing parents are the kindest, sweetest people in the world and it makes no sense they would be ...

Published: Apr 09, 2019 @ 09:00:00 AM
Source: New York Magazine

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Tucker Carlson & Bubba the Love Sponge: Fox talker wise to skip apology to cry bullies
Tucker Carlson is guilty of the sin of saying bad things a long time ago, and for that a bunch of people want him to lose his job. He joins the ranks ... Today's talker 2020 Democrats should test ...

Published: Mar 14, 2019 @ 09:34:00 AM
Source: USA Today

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Unearthed audio shows Tucker Carlson using white nationalist rhetoric and making racist remarks
TUCKER CARLSON: I don't like the feminist crap. I hate that and that's one of the reasons I despise the Democrats because they're always rolling that crap out. "Well ... embarrassed-to-stand-up kind ...

Published: Mar 11, 2019 @ 01:07:00 PM
Source: Media Matters for America

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Tucker Carlson Defends Trump’s ‘Sh-thole’ Comment: ‘Why Can’t You Say That?’ (Video)
President Trump may be under heavy fire for remarks about Haiti and African nations being “sh-thole countries,” but he found a stalwart defender in Fox News host Tucker Carlson — who ... t a ‘shithole ...

Published: Jan 11, 2018 @ 11:31:00 PM
Source: TheWrap

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Donald Trump Jr. Rails Against Democrats In Fox News Interview: 'The Democratic Platform Is Do the Opposite of Anything Donald Trump Has Done'
So the way to try and combat that is to demonize a guy who's getting it done with ideas that they can’t stand, and that’s what my father has been doing, Tucker. He’s been doing it day in and day out." ...

Published: Mar 25, 2019 @ 04:57:00 PM
Source: Newsweek

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Tucker Carlson: In 24 Hours, CNN Went From Russia Conspiracy Network To Advertisement For Obamacare
They were stunned. Befuddled politicians stammered on television trying to figure out what to say about ... Get rid of Obamacare says the Trump administration. Ok, so what’s the plan to replace it? ...

Published: Mar 28, 2019 @ 01:12:00 AM
Source: RealClearPolitics

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