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Want To Help Our Military Veterans? Here’s How News

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Want to help our military veterans? Here’s how
The transition from actively serving in the military to returning to civilian life as a veteran can be challenging. Veterans struggle with how to continue to be a part of something bigger than ...

Published: Mar 17, 2019 @ 03:39:00 AM
Source: Fox News

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Military Veteran Partners and Empire Selling Create Mentor Program to Support, Hire More Veterans
“The military prepares Veterans in many ways, but the civilian business world operates very differently. When building a new business, Veterans may need help brainstorming ways to position a ...

Published: Mar 13, 2019 @ 02:36:00 AM
Source: Yahoo Finance

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Supporting veterans’ helpers: Military families taught how to help
The program teaches military families ... all the tools they need to care for their veterans and also for themselves,” said Meg Kabat, the National Director of the Caregiver Support Program for the VA ...

Published: Mar 23, 2019 @ 10:03:00 AM
Source: Temple Daily Telegram

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'ART' therapy used to help military personnel with PTSD
One unique treatment uses a combination of hand and eye movements its proponents say help ease the symptoms ... must all work together to provide veterans with the services they need. "Mental health ...

Published: Mar 15, 2019 @ 11:35:00 AM
Source: WTVW

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Hassan launches effort to establish Green Alert system to help at-risk veterans

Published: Mar 06, 2019 @ 03:11:00 PM
Source: WMUR

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Homegrown fund to help Nevada veterans steps into big leagues
businesses and donors to help provide assistance directly to veterans who need a leg up. “We needed someone to take the bull by the horns and basically present our case to organizations that we’re ...

Published: Feb 10, 2019 @ 09:32:00 AM
Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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Pennsylvania veterans need our help forging a new path
And that’s especially true here in Pennsylvania which ranks fourth in total veteran population. The veterans’ jobs crisis is especially acute for former service men and women who want ... our Muster ...

Published: Nov 05, 2018 @ 07:09:00 AM
Source: The Business Journals

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U.S. military veterans want to be heard today and every day | Opinion
American military ... veterans want – and need – people to listen to their stories and pay attention to their concerns. This Veteran’s Day, which will be observed on Monday, Nov. 12, we will have ...

Published: Nov 10, 2018 @ 10:41:00 PM
Source: NorthJersey.com

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These are the tools veterans need to get the job
Transitioning from the military to the civilian world of work can feel like a minefield. Do you take the first job offer, or interview for several jobs to help you figure out what you want ... our ...

Published: Nov 03, 2018 @ 11:13:00 PM
Source: New York Post

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Veterans Need to Speak Up About Military Asbestos Exposure
As a veteran, I am acutely aware of the attention and appreciation we receive each year on November 11 when our country celebrates Veterans ... The Mesothelioma Center at Asbestos.com can help ...

Published: Nov 09, 2018 @ 01:57:00 AM
Source: Asbestos

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What Entrepreneurs Can Do to Help Veterans Make the Transition From Military to Civilian Jobs
Every business should create a supportive system for veterans transitioning from the military. Here’s how to start ... and there are new tools to help them do so. But HR can do more to proactively ...

Published: Nov 12, 2018 @ 01:26:00 AM
Source: Entrepreneur

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Jason Crow Is Part Of A Veteran Wave. Here's How His Military Experience Informs His Policy
I think the second thing is, veterans are more likely to ask the tough questions that need to be asked when we're employing our men and women ... have a national service military, national security ...

Published: Dec 16, 2018 @ 02:29:00 AM
Source: Colorado Public Radio

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